We find the unfindable

We look for individuals with all types of experience from Olympiads and ACM competitors to those looking to build new cutting-edge technology.


We have over 25 years’ experience. We know you want talent that will make an impact, we understand what our candidates can do for you.


We introduce only the right candidates, always believing in quality over quantity. We are here to be your filter for the right fit.

We listen carefully

We want to know exactly what you want. What are you passionate about? What is it that challenges you? We are here to help prepare you for your job search.


We’re always straight up

When you talk to us, we pay close attention to what you want. We are here to help and our expertise is here for your best interests.

We know our clients

We know what makes our clients tick. They want the best – someone who is not a cog in the wheel but rather someone ready to make a meaningful impact. We’ll coach you in exactly how to impress them. 

We provide services to companies that use technology and data as core to their business. These firms are well-known hedge funds, prop trading firms, Data driven start-ups, Crypto trading firms, and Financial institutions

Quantitative Trading

Portfolio Managers, Quant traders, Quant researchers, Systematic trading, Algorithmic Trading and Electronic Market making.


Software engineers, Data Engineers, FPGA Engineers, System and Network Engineers.

Quantitative analysis and structuring

Quantitative Developers, Derivatives modelling and analytics.

Data Science

Data Scientists, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP.

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